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Flexible Conduit Rod

Flexible Conduit Rod Flexible Conduit Rod

Product ID: GW9000-14000
Flexible conduit rod is an indispensable tool for pulling wires and cable through
conduits. It can be used for cleaning/plumbing the water lines, sewers also. It is made of FRP Rod coated in PP with the specific property of stiffness, flexibility, insulation, and abrasion resistance. In addition, flexible conduit rod can be used in any bad weather and conditions.
  • Can be asked for full set or separate by
    • FRP rod only
    • Rotary cage
    • Carrying frame
  • Fitting
    • End fitting-male or female
    • Pulling eye
    • Shackle fitting
    • Swivel fitting
    • Basket combination fitting
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Item No. Rod Dia. Rod L Dia. of Rotary Cage
GW9100 9 mm 100 M 800 mm
GW9150 9 mm 150 M 800 mm
GW9200 9 mm 200 M 1,000 mm
GW11100 11 mm 100 M 1,000 mm
GW11150 11 mm 150 M 1,000 mm
GW11200 11 mm 200 M 1,200 mm
GW11250 11 mm 250 M 1,200 mm
GW11300 11 mm 300 M 1,200 mm
GW14300 14 mm 300 M 1,400 mm
GW14350 14 mm 350 M 1,400 mm
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Contact:Mr. Hong-Chi Yu
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